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As Seen On TV

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

We were thrilled when Angela Davis from WCCO , Channel 4 CBS -Minneapolis /St Paul contacted us to do a “Finding Minnesota” segment featuring The Elephant Walk. Angela came and stayed quite a while and came up with a piece that aired on July 25 & 26. Its was a pleasure and honor to have Angela visit. Here is a link to the segment “Finding Minnesota: The Elephant Walk .” We hope you enjoy it .

Getting rid of the blind spot-or rather the blind side(s)

Friday, June 25th, 2010

The blind spot of your car is a pain. You don’t know if someone is beside you when you want to move to the left to pass on the interstate or move right to get to the exit . The spot that is to the  side and slightly behind you that is the problem . You   have to turn and look to see if there is a car beside you-that is where the blind spot is.  Well there is a way to eliminate the blind spot. How?  It has to do with the way you set your mirrors.

Lets talk about the mirrors. Cars have three mirrors. Two outside the car and one inside. The first thing you have to do is change the way you think about each mirror.  The inside mirror is the rear view mirror. The outside mirrors are side view  mirrors. We have to change  the way we set the mirrors to reflect (hey a pun) the “rear” and  “side” view of the mirrors. So we have to have change our  mind set  and a mirror set change. You will need to change  both to eliminate the blind spot(s).

We have traditionally been taught to  set the outside mirrors so that , while seated  in your normal driving position,  we just begin to  see the side of the car in the mirror. FORGET THIS.  Sorry don’t mean to yell but this is history.

The new setting for the side view mirrors is this.

For the left side. Lean to the left till your head is against the window. With your head against the window adjust the mirror untill you just see the side/rear of the car.  Ok with that the left side mirror is set.

For the passenger side mirror lean right till your head is in the middle of the car, in the same line as the rear view mirror. Now , adjust the right out side mirror till you can just see the side/rear of the car. That’s it your done. Your blind spot is now gone. Thats right you no longer have a blind spot.

Your mirrors are now adjusted to a NEW viewing area that is wider and will show you a lot more. This will take some getting used to. It works– however it takes getting used to.  I suggest that you go out and experiment as to how your new system of viewing works. You will not see the same thing you used to see. The car that is visible in the rear view (the one inside the car) will not be visible in the side mirrors as may have been the case  with the old adjustment. Don’t panic.

The object of this is for you to be able to see all areas around the car and get rid of the blind spot.  Here is what you will see .  A car that is visible in the rear view mirror but not in the side views is directly behind you. As that car moves into the left lane to pass will of course gradually leave the vision area of the rear view mirror. As the car leaves the vision area of the rear view mirror it  will gradually show up in the side view mirror. The passing car will be visible in the side view mirror  up till the time it at least partially passes you.  So you will see the car the whole way while it is passing and thus eliminating the blind spot.

There may be some tweaking of the mirror adjustments to get the best view. But keep in mind the initial procedure to set your mirrors.

I now have enough confidence that a glance in the mirror is all it takes to be able to move quickly to either the right or left lane because there is no blind spot.

I first heard this on Car Talk one of the best radio shows on public radio. I don’t know what that says about public radio but thats my opinion. Here is a link to what they have to say and see  their instructions

Once you adjust your mirrors there is a  learning curve before you  get used to the new settings. I know some people that have tried it and can’t get used to the fact the blind spot is gone because they can’t get used to the new view they have while driving down the road.

This works Try it.